Welcome to Shameless Travels…

I had one goal when writing the introduction for this travel page – to not type the word ‘experience’. Seeing as I’ve already blown that objective, moving on with grace may be an issue. Fortunately, in both my writing and my traveling, I’m more comfortable moving on without it…

‘By reflecting on my personal bouts I aim to promote cheap, bizarre and worthwhile ways to see the world.’ That was the line I intended to begin with. Then, I read it back and wanted to shove my hands down a toilet (a fitting punishment for writing such crap). Instead, I just decided that forcing another 25 generic sentences of equal or greater crappiness is something best left up to Yahoo news. So with that in mind, I’ll be relatively short and uncommonly sweet.

Traveling is a fascinating ordeal – a string of unusual events that cannot be rivaled in the course of one’s normal life. I realize some may not share the same enthusiasm for trouncing through foreign lands as others, but if given the chance, it is something everybody should try. And as I’m told, it’s something that if you don’t do, you’ll eventually wish you did. But, I will keep the travel preaching to a minimum and simply write about mine, with the hope to inspire yours.

There was a lot planned to get out of going abroad – hearing different perspectives, copying numerous accents, and entering unique cities, cultures and environments. And yet for me, the most subduing elements of world travel were the things I never predicted. I’d like to end this intro with a toast to the unanticipated and most cherished aspect of my travels – the kindness of the people I met along the way.

I remain astonished by the countless individuals who went out of their way to help me out without wanting anything in return. I have found this unchecked altruism in person after person and on trip after trip. These people alone are worth every penny and every ounce of effort. They have become, and will forever be, the most endearing feature of my time abroad.

To all (many friends and many more strangers) who have aided me in my adventures, I thank you and owe you the deepest amount of gratitude. Without your generosity, my travels wouldn’t have been possible. Without you guys, I’d likely be sorting through dumpsters in a lonely European alley or wandering the arid expanses of Australia thirsty, unshaven and mostly naked. So, Cheers guys.

In Australia, they give you a ride, then a beer.

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10 Responses to Welcome to Shameless Travels…

  1. KT says:

    Yay Eric’s blog!! Great opening line, by the way. And great tagline, as well. That was a smart move to juxtapose those words with the rather milky white thighs of that strapping young lad. Oh god, will Harriet be reading this?

    Anyway, I’m very excited for your blog’s big premiere, and I can’t wait to read future postings! As I’ve said many times before, I really wish I could have traveled around Europe with you and Andrew, but I’m glad I can at least live vicariously through all your photos, and now postings! Twatastic.

  2. uncleurnie says:

    Well, well, well. Brother Deano told me to drop by and post something. Fun reading. Not quite as fun and hearing those stories first hand while sitting around a fire with your little brother pitching live ammo into the embers. I suppose I could try to one up your accounts with tails of the Blair Witch Project incident when you were “camping” with your cousin, or maybe your close encounter with an accacia bush. Butt I won’t.

  3. Wes says:

    your tales both true and false (freaking window-breaking snake) have always stuck with me. As I lead a relatively boring and humdrum life, I am quite excited by the new inflow of stories to live vicariously though, and to steal for my own.

  4. The Quality of Mercury says:

    After clearing my eyes from such a moving opening I, for the first time ever, felt the empty void deep DEEP inside me created by my lack of travels. Then I ate a jolly rancher. THEN, I became excited for the future tales I will get to embark upon through your writings on this very website… so long as they don’t interfere with the production of The Chronicles of Murdough!

    • Eric says:

      Yes Urnie (gold name by the way) there certainly are plenty of stories you could tell like all the times you’ve frightened us or trained us to capture birds in colorado. Wes, my goal is still to frighten you with made up creatures. KT, glad you like it and one day we’ll head to europe together and not invite Andrew. QoM, I’m ganna feel that deep void, don’t you worry. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments!

  5. JES says:

    Tex! I am so excited to read your blog. You always inspire me to travel and as usual I am feeling the itch. I have a work-in-progress for next year, and I think reading your stories will make me work all the harder to actually get there. Plus, you is funny! So, write more, write more, write more!

  6. MVecchio says:

    Hats off to your blog cousin! Well distant cousin I should say. Being confined to the concrete jungle of DFW it is great to read your stories of travel. My brother and I also spent time acquiring our love for nature at your grandmother and grandfather’s property. We have many fond memories of lighting whatever we could find on fire and any other general mayhem we could get into. It has been twenty years since I had the opportunity to “explore” Europe and I miss it greatly. I look forward to your future postings and wish you all the best. Cheers!

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Mark! I guess I missed ya’ll the other Easter when you guys went down to the Country (I was in Australia!). But, yes, the urge to burn things still prevails for us haha. I’m sure you’ve heard about are recent bonfires and attempts at ‘controlled’ burning. Uncle Russell replaced the little old hut with a shipping container he’s converting into a tornado shelter/bedroom with pluming. The upshot of this is we’re going to torch the old red hut in an epic fashion! So, hopefully you’ll here about how it goes from us, and not the nightly news. I hope we can all get down there again soon! I should be having new stuff up on this site once or twice a week from now on, so hopefully I can provide weekly escapes for you. Thanks again for the support!

  7. Dean Straw says:

    Remind me not to go to Liverpool…I think I’ll go to Blackpool instead. At least it has a crummy beach/tidal flat!

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