My Rough Route & Time Frame

Many have asked about where and when I’ll be during my Canoe 50 Campaign. Where? I have a general idea. When? Well, that’s a fine question, which I can’t answer with much certainty. I’ve budgeted for a 6 month trip, but it looks like I could complete it in 5 months if all went as planned — that’s a mighty if. Nevertheless, here’s my best guess of when and where I’ll canoe!


There are a multitude of unknowns that can (and likely will) slow my progress. This list includes, but is not limited to… my car exploding, my canoe sinking, injury, illness, piracy, alien abduction, a Deliverance type scenario, a Cast Away type scenario, getting sucked up by a tornado (think young Helen Hunt’s father in Twister), snake bite, alligator attack, bear fight, bar fight, incarceration, swamp monster, poisonous berries, joining a cult, starting a cult, Appalachian family feud, forest fire, flooding, prolonged period of bad weather, and bees.

These are just some of the challenges I can think of — rest assured, I will encounter plenty of unforeseen problems. And when things do go awry, I’ll be sure to document it on this site. Unless, of course, I get eaten.

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3 Responses to My Rough Route & Time Frame

  1. Mindee & Derek says:

    I’m a friend of Reagan & Phil. If you come through Fort Collins, we’ve got a bed and a meal for you.

  2. Theresa C says:

    Appreciiate this blog post

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