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Ben Franklin wasn’t a fan of the bald eagle; he called them “rank cowards” and believed the eagle to be “a bird of bad moral character.” Franklin thought, comparatively, that the turkey would be a better Seal for our nation. … Continue reading

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My Rough Route & Time Frame

Many have asked about where and when I’ll be during my Canoe 50 Campaign. Where? I have a general idea. When? Well, that’s a fine question, which I can’t answer with much certainty. I’ve budgeted for a 6 month trip, … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Canoe 50 Campaign

An optometrist once told me a story. It was about a middle-aged man whose eyes he looked at from time to time. This man had traveled throughout the world and had done a lot with his life — he was … Continue reading

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Sultry Croatian Hostel Worker

The day was dreary. Gray skies reflected the tones of the streets and buildings below. Light rain fell frequently, interrupting our sightseeing attempts. Even on a sunny day, Zagreb, the Croatian capital, was an awkward conglomeration of old and new. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Shameless Travels…

I had one goal when writing the introduction for this travel page – to not type the word ‘experience’. Seeing as I’ve already blown that objective, moving on with grace may be an issue. Fortunately, in both my writing and … Continue reading

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