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(State #47/50) Night approaches down at the bottom of Glen Canyon. The moon sets to the south, paralleling the opposing canyon wall, absorbing all the light as the land around darkens. Growing brighter and brighter until beaming white, the quarter … Continue reading

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(State #45/50) I felt my blood pressure rising as I tried to keep a level voice. “I’m not trying to be difficult,” I said, “but the name of my thing is Canoe50, not Canoe 49 and Kayak 1.” Matching my … Continue reading

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A Southern Swamp in Illinois: Canoeing the Cache River

(State #28/50) “Oh, we’re much more ecologically diverse than Southern Indiana.” A ranger from the Shawnee NF in Illinois told me. Suspicious of this claim, I pressed a bit. “Oh really? Says the ranger from Illinois.” She laughed. “No, I’m … Continue reading

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