11 Destinations to spend Christmas with family in 2023

Christmas Escapes for Families in 2023: Each year, the sweet song of the holidays calls to us, inspiring us to imagine memorable moments surrounded by those we love. But this year, why not give this tradition a different twist? If you are wondering where to spend Christmas to make it even more memorable or where to spend Christmas with your family to immerse yourself in a different festive atmosphere, we have unearthed 11 dazzling destinations for you.

From the sweet melody of Christmas markets to the excitement of snowy landscapes, each place promises a magical and unforgettable getaway.

So get ready, because the holiday adventure has never been more inspiring. The most beautiful destinations to spend Christmas in 2023

1. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Christmas markets in Strasbourg

Christmas markets in Strasbourg

There is no need to go far to experience the magic of Christmas. Strasbourg is a wonderful city where you can spend Christmas with your family inexpensively and without missing any of the magic of the holidays. Visit one of the oldest Christmas markets in the country. Every year since 1570, the “Christkindelmärik” invites you into its unique world. Sweet or savoury delicacies, crafts, and more await you there.

2. Meet Santa Claus in Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland

If you are wondering where to spend Christmas with your family for an unforgettable experience, Finnish Lapland is the answer. This is the perfect place to meet the real Saint Nicholas. This destination will enchant not only children but also adults with its majestic landscapes and graceful reindeer.
Imagine staying in a cozy log cabin, like the Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets.

3. Christmas in the mountains in Savoie

Christmas in the mountains

Where to spend Christmas with your family in the snow? There is no shortage of resorts in France, and those in the Alps are perfect for combining skiing and the magic of Christmas. Don’t you like skiing? No problem; winter sports are numerous and varied. Sledding, for example, will delight children. If you find this lacking in fantasy, the following is for you:

For an original Christmas with the family, stay at the Village Tipi, located in Savoie Grand Revard. In addition to the unique experience, you can practice several activities, such as snowshoeing.

4. Marvel at the Christmas window displays in Paris

Christmas window displays in Paris

If you’re wondering about the perfect place to spend Christmas with your family, Paris is a beautiful option. Between sparkling lights, majestic fir trees, sparkling garlands, and magical activities, the French capital lights up in a true fairy tale. The Parisian windows, faithful to their tradition, come alive with enchanted worlds, captivating the eyes of young and old alike.

And let’s not forget the charming rides scattered throughout the city, to the delight of children.

5. Experience the magic of Christmas in London

 Christmas in London

If you want a place outside of France to spend Christmas Eve with your family, how about London? Just like Paris, the British capital is a must-see during the holiday season.

Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Harrods, and Hyde Park are some of the famous London attractions that shine even more during the holidays.

6. Spend Christmas in the sun in the Canary Islands

Christmas in the sun in the Canary

Some are looking for snow, and others are looking for sun. To spend your Christmas holidays in the sun, head to the Canaries. The setting will be completely different. If you are looking for a place to spend an unusual family Christmas, these islands are for you.

In addition to heavenly beaches, sun rays, and heat, there are concerts, markets, and sand creches. No doubt, you are in December and not June.

7. Celebrate a traditional Christmas in Vienna


After all these suggestions, are you still wondering where to go for Christmas with your family? Why not opt ​​for Vienna ? Known for its magical atmosphere year-round, the city doubles its magic for the holidays. In addition to the streets, which are adorned with their most beautiful finery, Christmas markets are set up almost everywhere.

Visit the famous Schönbrunn Palace and its market, where several workshops for children are organized.

8. Experience a family Christmas in Punta Cana

Punta Cana

Well, yes, then, after all, why should Christmas necessarily be synonymous with cold and snow? To spend Christmas on a heavenly beach and open your presents with your feet in the water, head to Punta Cana in the Caribbean. New Year’s Eve will be a little different this year: tropical jungles, indigenous museums, cenotes, and unlimited swimming will replace turkey with chestnuts.

A departure from tradition, certainly, but one that will leave the whole family with priceless memories.

9. Experience an American Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York

What if Christmas was the best opportunity to go to New York as a family? You could admire with your own eyes the immense tree of Rockefeller Centre, seen so many times in films and TV series.

The windows of department stores, decorated and sparkling with a thousand lights, will amaze young and old. Once your shopping session is over, put on your skates and head to one of the city’s many outdoor ice rinks.

The temperatures are cool at Christmas, so you’ll need to wrap up well outside before coming home to curl up in the warmth in front of a nice steaming chocolate.

10. Enjoy a magical Christmas in Annecy


If you are looking for a dream place to spend Christmas with your family in France, let yourself be charmed by Annecy, with its shimmering lake and majestic mountains. Every corner of the city is adorned with magic during this period, from the sparkling illuminations to the markets with their evocative scents.

Treat yourself to a new perspective on Annecy by letting yourself be carried away by the sound and light shows in November or by strolling through the Village des Alpes in search of unique and delicious gifts.

11. Soak up the winter wonderland in Prague

wonderland in Prague

Prague, the “City of a Hundred Spires,” shines brightly during the end-of-year celebrations. Beyond its historic architecture, the city takes on a fairytale feel with its picturesque Christmas markets set in central squares, its sparkling cobbled streets, and the traditional melodies that echo around every corner.

Soak up the festive atmosphere while enjoying a hot “trdelník,” marvelling at the stalls of local artisans, and admiring the majestic illuminated Old Town Square.

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