Copenhagen at Christmas: between magic, discoveries and delicacies

Copenhagen at Christmas is simply magical. Sparkling lights illuminate the streets, the scent of toasted almonds tickles the nostrils, and each window tells a festive story in a breathtaking setting.

Plan a getaway to Copenhagen just before the holidays and immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere that envelops Denmark ‘s capital during this unique time.

Christmas in Copenhagen: unmissable activities

Copenhagen in the winter is full of must-do activities. Don’t forget to put on your warmest boots and go on an adventure!

Experience an extraordinary Christmas at Tivoli

Copenhagen at Christmas

In winter, Copenhagen puts on its most festive finery, and Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, is the epicenter of this winter magic.

There, among the glow of Christmas lights, you will taste the unique flavors of the holidays, share a moment with Santa Claus, and witness unmissable traditions, such as the lighting of the majestic tree and the enchanted procession of Lucia.

Visit Copenhagen’s Christmas markets

Visit Copenhagen's Christmas markets

In Copenhagenthe festive spirit of Christmas invades every street corner. The squares come alive, bathed in the intoxicating aroma of roasted almonds and lulled by festive songs.

At the beginning of November, the Kongens Nytorv market kicks off the season. Subsequently, a myriad of other Copenhagen Christmas markets, both imposing and picturesque, emerge across the city.

Let yourself be tempted by irresistible winter treats and discover magical decorations to perfect your Christmas tree while you stroll among the Copenhagen stalls.

Skate during Christmas in Copenhagen

Skate during Christmas

In the heart of Copenhagen, imagine yourself sliding on the ice near Inderhavnsbroen at the Grønlandske Handelsplads. While skating, the port opens up to your view. And if you’re feeling peckish, the gourmet stands of Broens Gadekøkken are right next door.

And then there is this hidden corner: the Frederiksberg Runddel. On the edge of the Frederiksberg Have, this place is transformed into an ice rink every winter. A charming place not to be missed.

Christmas shopping in Copenhagen

Shopping in Copenhagen during the Christmas period? The ideal. Believe me, it’s hard to leave this city without a little treasure in your luggage.

Find your best bargains in Copenhagen

Find your best bargains

For lovers of vintage pieces and treasures from yesteryear, Copenhagen will enchant you. Between its boutiques full of wonders and its hand-picked vintage brands, you will be spoiled for choice. Head for Veras Vintage, Reseller, and, of course, the famous Carmen Copenhagen. Any retro-style lover would feel right at home here.

Make your own Christmas gifts

Make your own Christmas gifts

Attention creative souls! Consider stopping at a creative café. Imagine making your own Christmas presents: paint a unique mug at Creative Space, choose beautiful yarns at Woolstock for your knitting, or try your hand at making jewelry at Smykbar. And between two sources of inspiration, allow the enchanted windows decorated for the holidays to charm you.

Gourmet Copenhagen: Christmas must-haves

In Copenhagen, the gastronomic richness promises you unforgettable delights this winter.

Fall for delicious Christmas cookies

Fall for delicious Christmas cookies

Winter in Copenhagen is an opportunity to be seduced by its pastry wonders. Between Christmas cookies and other sweets, how can you resist?

Juno The Bakery amazes with its flavors of yesteryear, such as its candied oranges and its delicate nougats. La Glace, for its part, embodies the city’s sweet tradition: with a hot chocolate in hand, enjoy their festive treats.

Organize an unforgettable Christmas lunch

Organize an unforgettable Christmas lunch

In Copenhagen, every street corner offers a memorable dining experience. Discover Færgecafé in Christianshavn, where tasty dishes and homemade schnapps mingle in a warm atmosphere.

Want an unusual festive meal? Restaurant Møntergade combines modernity and Danish traditions for a feast for the taste buds.

For a more authentic touch, head to Hviids Vinstue on Kongens Nytorv. There, mulled wine and smørrebrød, witness to three centuries of history, await you.

Taste Christmas beer in Copenhagen

Taste Christmas beer in Copenhagen

Winter in Copenhagen means Christmas beer. Imagine 220 Danish breweries concocting over 350 unique varieties of this festive drink. In every corner, bar, or restaurant, a traditional version awaits you.

For a taste of adventure, explore the specialty beer bars. Copenhagen prides itself on its avant-garde microbreweries. My little secret? Nørrebro Bryghus. Since 2003, they have redefined Danish craft beer. And don’t forget Dia’legd in Vesterbro, a treasure for Funen lovers.

Relaxing in Copenhagen during Christmas

During your stay in Copenhagen, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in one of the fabulous spas or dare to go for a winter swim.

Explore the best spas in Copenhagen

Explore the best spas in Copenhagen

There’s nothing better than a hot bath after a day in cold Copenhagen. Why not combine your trip to Copenhagen this Christmas with a spa break at one of the city’s many spa hotels?

My favorite hideaway is the 5-star Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden hotel. It’s like a tropical touch in the heart of the city. Their swimming pool, a magical oasis, is waiting for you to take a dip.

Winter bathing in Copenhagen: an invigorating adventure

Winter bathing

Dare a local tradition: winter bathing. With around 25 dedicated clubs, the experience is at your fingertips. Tip: start at Islands Brygge with an invigorating swim, then let the atmosphere of the Christmas markets envelop you.

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